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Collaborate. Serve.

All Are Welcome



Join our community in person or online every Sunday 10:30am (PST)

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We worship on Sundays at 10:30 a.m. in the chapel. Central does not have a full-time minister at the present time, and we are blessed to have a number of people who provide meaningful and thoughtful worship services. We believe, as one writer expresses it, that the church:  "Now and into the twenty-first century, knows its identity, and in the deepest religious sense we are merely a crowd gathered around Jesus. We come as a crowd with our brokenness and handicaps, looking for God’s healing touch. We come praising Jesus’ name for making us well. However organized we might be, however prestigious we might feel, we are nothing more sophisticated than a crowd hungering for wholeness. ​ Our services are open to anyone who is hungering for wholeness.


How May We Serve You?

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A Space
For Everyone.

Central Presbyterian is located in the heart of downtown Vancouver. Through its repurposing of its building, Central Presbyterian Church has been able to create some of the finest church space in downtown Vancouver. This is a gift we have been called to steward for the sake of a better world working alongside our neighbours including the business community, the arts community, the healthcare community, other churches, and non-profits that share our values. 

Sharing our Space

Part of Central's mission is to steward its space in partnership with other Christian ministries, and non-profits. At present time we share our space with: The Way Church, First Baptist, Galilee Presbyterian Church, Christ Alive!, & The YMCA's child care program. Central is open to working with new partners who share our values: Diversity, Compassion, Generosity, & Collaberation.


If you're orginazation is seeking a modern, open and welcoming space for your projects or missional work contact us for more information or to schdule a tour.

We are so thankful for our partnership with Central Presbyterian. We share a goal of seeing the good news of Jesus reach and transform lives in the city of Vancouver, and working together has been a joy and privilege. Central has been so generous to share their space with us: we now have a central space for our staff to work, to gather and equip our church, and to run ministry programs like Alpha and youth. They don’t see us as tenants, but as partners!   

The Way Church

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